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“ My first love was White Cherokee marble. As Sarah and I discussed color and material combos, I couldn’t get it out of my head! ”

- Joanna Hawley, Jojotastic

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We love Joanna's kitchen as much as you do.

If you want to learn where to buy, and how to care for, American marble from Georgia ━ then you’re in the right place.


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Georgia Marble™ - White Cherokee

Natural. Dramatic. This stone is known for its unique character and veining.


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Easy to care for

 It's as simple as soap and water.



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“The dramatic veining, the crystal-y looking details… this marble is the perfect finishing touch for our kitchen.”


Georgia Marble™ has a greater density, and lower porosity, than European marbles making it especially durable. Go ahead and mix your dough right on the countertop. Clean up is as easy as a soapy sponge.


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About the design

The sexiest little kitchen designed by Sarah Gibson of Room For Tuesday 




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"All I have ever wanted is a kitchen with marble countertops. So when I saw the range of marbles from Polycor, I was like a kid in a candy store. There’s just something so romantic about marble and it’s old world charm. Plus, I absolutely love the unique pattern, called movement, of each stone slab. This means my kitchen countertops will be truly unique!"






Sarah's design for the tuxedo kitchen features Georgia Marble™ - White Cherokee countertops, fixtures and design elements from trustworthy and fashion-forward brands like KitchenAid Appliances, MasterBrand Cabinets, Fireclay Tile, Delta Faucets, Sinkology, and Rejuvenation.



Behind the scenes

 See the countertop installation.






White Cherokee close up

 Georgia Marble™ is known for its crystalline structure that lends a subtle little sparkle to your kitchen. The calcite crystals form a tightly interlocking grain structure that gives Georgia Marble™ its unique durability amongst other white marbles on the market.


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"I wish I could show each of you the sample in person because this marble has the most subtle iridescence to it that is beyond dreamy. "



Polycor-Georgia-Marble-Quarry-WEBLocated in Tate, GA, just a short drive from north of Atlanta, lies this hidden gem, the Georgia Marble™ quarry.



Quarried right here in the United States since 1887, Georgia Marble™ is a historic stone that has been used to build iconic architecture across the globe. From the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. to the New York Stock Exchange in New York City, it's a marble with deep American roots. 



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Jojo, with a desire to make purposeful design decisions, wanted to incorporate a piece of this history, and sustainability, into her kitchen design.



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One Quarry - Three Marbles


The quarry's marble deposit runs for miles through the north Georgia hills and is over 700 feet deep. As a result, there are areas within the quarry where folds of mineral deposits produce a variety of stunning visual effects, resulting in 3 types of Georgia Marble™.



Georgia Marble™ - Solar Grey

The stone with the largest abundance, and deepest tonality of veining that at times is so dark it almost approaches black, is the Georgia Marble™ - Solar GreyThese slabs are bold in their patterning for the most dramatic effect. 


Georgia Marble - Solar Grey slab



Georgia Marble™ - Pearl Grey

The mid-range marble with less veining than Solar Grey, but not the lightest to come out of the quarry, is the Georgia Marble™ - Pearl Grey. Not quite the bold, strong and dark veining of the Solar Grey, this marble lies in the middle tone as far as the quantity and color of the movement in the slabs goes.

GM-Pearl Grey_Slab



Georgia Marble™ - White Cherokee

Jojo ultimately landed on this as her stone of choice as her palette in the kitchen was more neutral. Georgia Marble™ - White Cherokee is the lightest of the marbles that the quarry produces. There's typically less veining and a lighter value shade in the vein itself versus the Solar Grey and Pearl Grey. 



Georgia Marble™ - White Cherokee slabs feature subtle veining in a range of grey shades




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